The Last Pharaoh

July, 2016

The Last Pharaoh was the first large birthday party immersive game I built for our daughter. Party goers began in the Adventure Fort, which was converted to a British explorer's outpost. Beth assembled a research journal filled with clues that was left behind by the previous expedition. Using the clues, players discovered an access door under our house. Upon entering the door, they discovered under our house was converted to an ancient Egyptian tomb. Decoding clues gave solutions to puzzles that ultimately resulted in the discovery of four keys. Puzzles included pressing stones on the wall in the correct order to unlock a door, inserting rods into hidden holes to move levers, and digging up buried artificats in the yard. Once found, four players each inserted a single key into a full size sarcophagus to unlock its lid. Inside, players found chocolate gold coins, treasure and a commerative, hand painted t shirt.